AJA International Orion 8 Sputtering System with Load Lock Chamber

ATC ORION 8 HVThe load-locked AJA ORION 8 Sputtering System currently has  two RF and four DC confocal magnetron sputtering sources installed. The chamber has room for seven sources along with an ion mill which will eventually be installed. Current source materials available include copper, aluminum, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, aluminum oxide, indium tin oxide, magnesium oxide, tantalum oxide, cobalt, palladium, niobium, silver, nickel, tantalum, sammarium, sammarium cobalt, zirconium, chromium, vanadium, and Permalloy (Ni/Fe). Vacuum pumping cycles are under automatic control for both the chamber and load-lock area. Cycle time exclusive of the deposition period can be as low as 20 minutes due to the load-lock chamber access. Programmable control of deposition parameters and cycling allows simultaneous or sequential deposition and repetition of deposition cycles. Substrate heating up to 650 C is also programmable. The substrate area may also be biased for plasma cleaning prior to deposition (RF1). Argon, nitrogen, and oxygen plasmas are possible. Substrate rotation up to 20 RPM along with confocal sources provides very uniform deposition. The deposition thickness monitor is mounted on a swing- away arm to remove it from the substrate area during deposition.

Hourly rates are applied for the use of this tool. Please use the Lab Scheduler to reserve time.

Currently loaded targets are listed below. Please contact the lab manager to have other targets loaded at least one day in advance. Currently available materials are: Cu, Al, Nb, Ag, Pd, Ti, Ta, Cr, NiFe, Zr, Co, Ni, Mg, TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3, ITO, MgO, Sm, SmCo5, V, LiTiO,  and Ta2O5.

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Currently Loaded Sputtering System Targets

RF2: Ta2O5
RF3: Ag
DC1: Ta
DC2: Pd
DC3: Ru
DC4: Zr