Sonoplot GIX Microplotter II

Sonoplot GIX Microplotter II

Key Features

  • Noncontact deposition
  • Features as small as 5µm
  • Viscosities up to 450 cP
  • True contiguous lines, arcs, and bends
  • Consistent spot size and shape with coefficients of variability as low as 10%
  • 3-axis positioning with 5µm resolution
  • Integrated digital video capture
  • Automated surface calibration
  • Interchangeable holding platen for a variety of substrate sizes
  • SonoGuide™ software for full automation and control
  • SonoDraw™ software as a CAD layout tool

Hourly rates are applied for the use of this tool. Please use the Lab scheduler to reserve time.

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