Wentworth MP-2300 Probe Station

Wentworth MP-2300 Probe Station The Wentwort MP-2300 semiautomatic 200mm wafer prober is equipped with Labmaster 5.1 probing environment software and has a motorized XY-theta stage with 203mm x 203mm XY travel with 0.1um resolution and 5 mm Z travel and a 200mm nickel plated wafer chuck with vacuum hold down. Probers include a CAP3000 computer assisted probe with 0.1 um resolution, a CAP4000 submicron computer assisted probe with 0.01 um resolution and two lower resolution manual probers. A Mitutoyo FS-70 microscope with motorized xyz movement and M Plan Apo 5x,10x,20x objectives and Pulnix TMC-7 CCD camera with flat panel monitor and motorized focus allow for visual scanning and image capture. A Newport Cleantop II vibration isolation table with maximum damping and a laminar flow hood provide a controlled probing environment.

The probe station can be connected to the Keithley SC-4200 parametric analyzer.

Please use the Lab scheduler to reserve time.

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