JEOL JSM-7001F Ebeam Writer with Nanometer Pattern Generation System

SM-7001F Scanning Electron Microscope with NPGS

The Electron Beam Lithography system is based on a JEOL JSM-7001F Thermal Field Emission SEM which has a large, 5-axis, fully eucentric, motorized, automated specimen stage, a one-action specimen exchange airlock and small probe diameter even at large probe current and low voltage. The specimen chamber handles specimens up to 200mm in diameter. The Windows XP based computer interface includes function buttons that switch operation modes quickly and easily. The FESEM has been set up specifically for EBL and is not available for general SEM imaging needs. Other equipment in the immediate area is available for imaging...

The JSM-7001F FESEM is equipped with a Nabity Nanometer Pattern Generation System which supports e-beam lithography, and an image database. System configuration is still ongoing but patterns with lines down to 25 nm have been successfully written.

Hourly rates are applied for the use of this tool. UMass Facility Online Manager